Tau taxidermists provide professional mountings and dipping to ship service right from their premises, situated conveniently on your way from Windhoek to the International airport. They pride themselves by ensuring that clients receive the best possible quality of “raw” or “mounted” trophies.

Headed by Van Rooyen Strydom - born in Keimoes in the Northern Cape and as a young boy and through his teenage years he grew up to deeply appreciate the captivating wilderness that surrounded him in the rugged Drakensberg Mountains where he went to school. On return to Namibia as a teenager his love for the Namibian wildlife grew and later on he attended the Port Elizabeth University studying “Psychology and Anthropology” but soon realized that this was not his calling and joined the museum in Bloemfontein where he discovered his “passion” for taxidermy and started his career.

Being a taxidermist for 31 years Van Rooyen manages and owns Tau Taxidermy with an eye for detail. Tau Taxidermy might be small but is an highly efficient taxidermy. Providing their clients with affordable, high quality craftmanship and quick turn around times, by only taking on a limited amount of projects at a time. Hence insuring that the attention, time and effort each trophy deserves are attained and that the best quality is achieved.